The History of Spartan Racing

Read about the story of Spartan Racing and Spartan Racing Electric


The Beginning

Spartan Racing was first founded at SJSU in 1989 with the introduction of Spartan Racer 0 (SR-0). SR-0 was first developed as a senior project by the students here at San Jose State. After SR-0's initial creation, Spartan Racing remained inactive until 2008.


In 2008 a group of motivated engineering students sought out to revive Spartan Racing by creating the second Spartan Racing vehicle, SR-1. Since the rebirth in 2008, Spartan Racing has annually designed, manufactured, and competed in the international Formula SAE Competitions. 

The Spartan Racing team has been able to maintain a competitive stance in the Formula Competitions, placing first in the 2015 FSAE Competition with the iteration, SR-7.


1 Team, 2 Powertrains

In the summer of 2015 Spartan Racing initiated its plan to create a sub-division of the Spartan Racing organization, Spartan Racing Electric. This division was able to design and manufacture an all electric iteration of the Spartan Racing vehicles for the first time in the organizations history. 

Making History

During the 2021 Pandemic, Spartan Racing Electric was able to make history by manufacturing the first ever running SRE race car to compete in the FSAE Competition, SRE-5. SRE-5 was able to compete in the Michigan FSAE Competition and was able to place 1st place in endurance and 2nd place overall. 

SRE-5 will be the foundation of Spartan Racing Electric's next iteration and will remained renowned design for years to come. 


The Legacy

Spartan Racing and Spartan Racing Electric continue to strive of excellence in