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About Our Sponsors

Don Beall

Don Beall, a long-term supporter and distinguished alumnus of our San Jose State University School of Engineering, has contributed to the unceasing development of our cars and electronic use in numerous industries, providing insight as both an engineer and a leader. Beall continues to encourage the growth of said industries by continuously invigorating future generations through his guidance and sheer support of current students.

Bergman Prototyping

John Bergman, alumnus of our very own San Jose State University, works with a variety of services via design cycle, with convenient remote availability. With his extensive and diverse experiences within the Contract Design and Manufacturing industry, Bergman’s expertise regarding various engineering aspects (Mechanical Design Engineering, Design Consulting, Mechanism Designing, Plastic Design & Processing, etc.) is reputable and reliable; ensuring clientele satisfaction with every project. Bergman has constructed various essential materials for our team, including: Wheel nuts and camber brackets. With these crucial materials, Spartan Racing was able to successfully build both our SR13 and SRE-6 automobiles.

Stafl Systems works to produce high-quality electrical systems for electric vehicles, to incentivize the use of clean energy in the automotive industry. With their expertise, Stafl Systems encourages the production of vehicle & stationary systems integration, embedded software development, and advanced cell & battery pack testing. Stafl System’s support served vital to our operations, as Spartan Racing was able to make use of their monetary donations, machinery time, and electronic use in both our designing and manufacturing phases.

Military Fasteners is a distributor of military-grade aerospace and mil-spec hardware and consumables to clientele. Military Fasteners thoroughly scrutinizes all of their inventory, to ensure quality above and beyond the standard, while also working to guarantee fast and secure shipping and handling. Military Fasteners have supplied Spartan Racing with a bulk of nuts and bolts, along with team gear, that have been essential and critical for the construction of our vehicles during the 2021-2022 season.

Rohde & Schwarz technology group works as a producer and supplier of various electronic capital goods, to motivate innovation within numerous industries, including: test & measurement, secure communications, networks & cybersecurity, and broadcast & media markets. Along with operating as a top supplier of electronic goods, Rohde & Schwarz is resolute on keeping their operations and company green; ensuring that their manufacturing and creativity persist in following guidelines of energy efficiency and environmental preservation. Rohde & Schwarz has supplied Spartan Racing with oscilloscope use, allowing us to analyze various signal voltages graphically.

Toray Industries operates as a leading fiber/textile, performance chemical, and carbon fiber composite material manufacturer. As a producer, Toray is adamant on fighting against climate change, by providing technologies and materials that challenge the world’s growing climate issues. Toray Industries had provided Spartan Racing with autoclave use, allowing us to cure carbon fiber for our tires. Additionally, they have allowed us to utilize their workspaces.

SCCA, also known as the Sports Car Club of America, is a non-profit organization that works to encourage a safe and fun-loving community of auto enthusiasts from all backgrounds

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