The Competition

Every year, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) hosts the international Formula SAE competition where inter-collegiate teams from around the globe gather to showcase their engineering capabilities and execution. The competition holds both dynamic and static events, presenting each team with the challenge of competing their cars against one another while defending their design choices to a panel of judges to see which vehicle is superior in design. All of these events are measured in a point based system. The team with the highest points wins the competition overall, with the 2nd and 3rd highest scoring teams as the runner ups.

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Dynamic Events

Dynamic events are meant to test the cars overall design and capabilities in specific scenarios. The first event is the acceleration event, seeing which car has the fastest 0-60 foot time. The second event is the skid pad event which tests the vehicle's overall lateral acceleration and top speed when cornering. The third event is the autocross event, testing the cars ability to handle various driving challenges in a road course environment in a single lap. The last event is the endurance event. Using an autocross track configuration, this event tests the cars ability to handle the challenges of autocross over an extended period of time, measuring efficiency and durability. 


Static Events

Static events are presentation events that tests the teams ability to present their design and engineering logic to a panel of industry professionals. The presentations are scrutinized to the highest degree, judging the design on engineering logic, ingenuity, and innovation.